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el lissitzky

El lissitzky self portrait

I was sorting out the studio as things had recently reached a tipping point, and rediscovered a number of older books on typography, design and photography. Foto-Auge was a particular pleasure to thumb through again. I found it years ago in a book sale a the late and lamented Philip Son & Nephew in Liverpool. More about that bookshop another time maybe.

Two books were published to accompany the 1929 “Film und Foto” exhibition in Stuttgart organized by the Deutscher Werkbund — Foto-Auge, edited by Franz Roh and Jan Tschichold, and Es kommt der neue Fotograf!, edited by Werner Gräff (Art Locked Stacks).

Foto-Auge book cover

The cover design for Foto-Auge

My copy of Foto-Auge is a 1974 facsimile edition published by Thames and Hudson.

The cover depicts El Lissitzky’s now famous “Self Portrait” of the artist as a hand in service to the eye celebrating photography and the book features work from the world’s leading modernist photographers, as well as anonymous news and bureau photos. Tschichold ensures a clean design with the text entirely in lower case.

Foto-Auge served as the catalog of the work exhibited in the exhibition in 1929.

Spread showing pages 24 and 25

Spread showing pages 24 and 25

Spread showing pages 28 and 29

Spread showing pages 28 and 29

This spread shows Photograms by Man Ray – see my previous post on Man Ray.

Film und Foto poster 1929

Film und Foto poster 1929


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