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Responsive Design and responsive designers

Berthold Photosetter

Berthold Photosetter

I’m trying to get my head around Responsive Web Design. Not the easiest thing I’ve had to do. In my time I’ve gone from hot metal type, through mark-ups and photosetting and finally to computer-based design. Programs come and go and are upgraded along with Operating Systems and we designers just have to keep up. It’s like a marathon but you also have to second guess the turns in the road ahead as some will take you to a dead end. (Freehand, PageMaker).

Apple Computer Desktop

Apple Computer Desktop showing System 6

But don’t get me wrong as I’m not moaning here. This progress is truly amazing and to design a page that can be delivered from my screen to other desktop computers, laptops, pads and even smart-phones is comparable to the first pages coming off the Gutenberg press.

Ye olde printing press

Ye olde printing press

The critical point, I guess, is to design that page as well as you can by continually¬†expanding your knowledge base in the hope that you arrive a suitable solution given the constraints you are working with, or as a famous athlete once said, “keep up”.

Responsive Design requires a fluid approach to design and to site building and that flexible mindset is the one to adopt if you want remain a designer in the twenty first century. It’s just that sometimes during this never ending marathon, you need a break… I know I do.

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