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Thank you one and all!

Just topped 17000 views. Thanks to all who have visited this blog. Please come back again soon…Image

This is a shot of me and Morris, my dad’s car way back then in the dim and distant past. It was shot with an old Kodak ‘Hawkeye’ camera (I think) that my dad used to use. If you want to see more cameras that have played a role in my life then go here. (Unashamed plug for my Photoblog).

I’ve also blogged about my ‘Box of old cameras’ here.

I’ll be blogging here too from time to time. So once again, thanks for visiting.


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A box of old cameras No.1: ‘Hawkeye’ Ace De Luxe

A box of old cameras

A box of old cameras

Recently looking through some old stuff (and I’ve got lots of old stuff and that’s another story), I came across a box of old cameras that I’d stashed away. A little while ago I wrote about my old Sony Mavica digital camera and that prompted me to jotĀ  few thoughts down about these older image capturing devices.

The 'Hawkeye' box camera

The 'Hawkeye' box camera

This old box camera belonged to my dad and dates back to the 1930s. I remember him using it to take a photo of a friend and I back in the late 50s or early 60s when I was little. Funny but I still remember it clearly. People, at least those where I grew up back then, didn’t take pictures or even own cameras, so it was a rare and special thing to have your photo taken.

A little background information: the Ace De Luxe was made only in Kodak’s UK factory at Harrow on the northern outskirts of London. In his book, Kodak Cameras, The First Hundred Years, Brian Coe lists them as being made only in 1938. They were made to give away with children’s comics, one being Mickey Mouse Comic.

There aren’t any reflecting viewfinders, just a wire frame that pulls up at the front, and no backsight.

Wire frame viewfinder

Wire frame viewfinder

I don’t know how my dad ended up with the ‘Hawkeye’ but after his death I just hung on to it. It has a memory associated with it and I still have the old negatives of the 127 film it used. maybe I will get around to scanning the old negatives one day.


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