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What a King should know


A closeup of the illuminated letter P in the 1407AD Latin Bible on display in Malmesbury Abbey, Wiltshire, England. It was hand written in Belgium, by Gerard Brils, for reading aloud in a monastery.

Growing tired of all this technology? Well, BBC 4 have a solution for you in the programme: Illuminations The Private Lives of Medieval Kings What a King Should Know.

janina ramirez

Janina is now course director for the Undergraduate Certificate in History of Art at the University of Oxford, and contributes to a number of courses, including a forthcoming seminar series on decoding symbols in art (Trinity 2012). She continues to publish her research, most recently in international art history journal Gesta.

This has been a wonderful little gem for those interested in Illuminated Manuscripts, book binding and the power of books in Medieval times. Presented with the right balance of enthusiasm and knowledge by Dr Janina Ramirez , it has been a pleasure to watch and coincides with the British Library exhibition: Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination.

If you’ve missed it go here.

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