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Between one second and the next


Over the past couple of years photography has increasingly become a more important part of my life. I use it as a part of my job as a graphic designer but I’m also using it more and more outside of the professional sphere to take images that give me pleasure or capture a moment in time. Drawing and painting are truly pleasurable activities too but there’s something about photographs & photography in general that is really beginning to dominate my free time.

Only a camera can capture that instant in time, that vital moment between one second and the next and record it forever. There’s something thrilling about that and I find it increasingly addictive.

Maybe as I’m getting older I notice how time appears to slide by at an alarming rate of knots these days. Possibly this is my futile attempt to freeze time, slow it down to a moment and hold it there for good.

The more images I take, the more I realise I have so much more to learn. I’m currently looking at the work of Saul Leiter and Cartier-Bresson, two masters of the art. I recommend their work if you like me have an interest in photography.

If you want to take a look at a few of my images then they can found on my Flickr site. I would be delighted if you paid them a visit and added a comment here and there.

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Life without a net or my weekend without browsing, blogging, Facebook, Flickr or Twitter.


Life without the net

Life without the net

If anyone tuned in on Friday for ‘Thought for Friday’ I’m sorry I didn’t post. It wasn’t that I didn’t have a thought, it’s just that I was away from home and was somewhere with no internet access. No browsing, blogging, facebooking or twittering. Life without the net.

It gave me the idea for this post. What do I miss most when I’m without the net? I have to admit I was very busy and didn’t have lot of time anyway.

I know a few people, younger than me, who say they can’t live without Facebook or Twitter etc and having access via their expensive mobile phones means they are almost never without their ‘fix’. My phone is a humble affair and internet browsing is beyond it’s simple design. So, being away from my laptop, what did I really miss the most?

After giving it some thought,I felt that Facebook and Twitter could be left for while and my news fix arrived via BBC News 24. I knew my email would be building up but it was just for a few days and I could catch up. I had little time to write, so researching via Google or Wikipedia wasn’t an issue. No I was fine without all of this for a while.

I realised (with some surprise) that what I really missed was catching up on the blogs I follow and I was itching to post something on my own. So I guess this is becoming a little addictive.

My question to anyone out there is what would you miss the most without the net?



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