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Typographic Chess Set

Pictures of the typographic chess setMarvellous limited edition typographic chess set by Hat-Trick. Laser cut acrylic pieces based on the typeface Champion (Lightweight) by Hoefler Frere Jones. My birthday is coming up…


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Wise Words on Wednesdays

Graphic design is one of the last free professions that is not forced into the corset of a career structure and thus inhibited by standards and guidelines. There is no career structure upon which the state could accompany designers with examinations and checks, and of course also with certificates and prizes, with awards and titles. A graphic designer is a graphic designer.

Otl Aicher
The world as design, 1994

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Caught my eye: Typographic Wimbledon

Red Bee Advert for Wimbledon 2012

I must admit this caught my eye, especially after seeing the ITV’s dreadful Euro 2012 titles. (Sorry, just don’t like them).

The ad is by Red Bee and if you want to see the whole thing click below.

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Thought for Friday

“Not everything is design. But design is about everything. So do yourself a favor: be ready for anything.”
Michael Bierut 

I also came across this from Michael Bierut via the excellent Design Observer. It’s an extract from an article entitle, ‘I hate ITC Garamond’ and both the full article and comments make entertaining reading. I was aware of some designer’s abhorrence for Comic Sans, but this level of distaste for another typeface came as a surprise.

No ITC Garamond graphic

ITC Garamond enjoyed its apotheosis when it was adapted as the official corporate typeface of Apple Computer in 1984; adding insult to injury, the font was condensed horizontally 80%. Associated with Apple’s brilliant packaging and advertising for the next 20 years, the resulting mutation became a part of the global landscape, seeming no less impregnable and unchanging as the Soviet empire. And then, just like global communism, it just went away, replaced overnight with a sleek customized version of Myriad. 

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Thought for Friday

Future city

A vintage image of the future

Here I go again with A thought for Friday but due the fact that on Friday I’m going to be in that place again where I have no access to the internet, I’m going to have to post this today (Thursday). So forgive me.

I was having lunch with a good friend of mine in FACT recently. We were discussing the details of the architecture of the building surrounding us and the methods by which both architects and designers approach problem solving and project management. My friend is an architect by profession and was telling me how architects don’t like looking backwards when designing a new building and would prefer to develop something new or even cutting-edge given the chance, but often the client would prefer something that looks, shall we say, ‘more traditional’. This got my grey matter working (what’s left of it anyway).

In an earlier post I mentioned “design at the centre of economic and social renewal”. I think the ‘looking back’ attitude that designers and architects and probably many others encounter is largely based on fear of the unknown and an unwillingness to take risks. This attitude is often repeated in government where vision beyond the next 5 year term is sadly lacking. If politicians were influenced more by engineers, architects, designers, writers and artists instead of bankers, civil servants, and accountants I sometimes wonder what kind of society we could make.

Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but that’s part of my forward-looking attitude.

On the other hand: Sir Richard Lambert (outgoing chief of the CBI) recently cited the government’s failure to publish a promised white paper on growth, originally scheduled for publication last autumn. “The impression was given that there simply weren’t enough good ideas around to justify such a publication,” he said.

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“We need design at the heart of social and economic renewal”

Design Council and CABE logos

I came across this the other day from Design Observer:

An interesting rebound effect of public spending cuts in the UK is that the UK Design Council and CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) are to merge.

The move brings UK policy for design, architecture and public space together in a single organization.

The new entity will provide a one stop shop for design support and advice to industry, communities, central and local government.

You can read more by following the link above. But I did like this quote from Lord Bichard, Chair of the design Council, who said: “”Now more than ever we need design at the heart of social and economic renewal, and a strong message about design in all its forms. I am looking forward to working with our colleagues at CABE and with a wide range of industry partners to make this a success.”

Now if only our government really would put design at the heart of social and economic renewal we may get some interesting and even groundbreaking solutions. There’s a thought indeed!



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Chartered Society of Designers Code of Conduct

CSD Logo

A quick post to put things right. Frank Peters FCSD kindly commented on my last post regarding the fact that I said the CSD Code of Conduct was defunct. What I meant to convey was that Clause 6 of the old SIAD Code of Conduct was defunct. So if you would like to read the current CSD Code of Conduct go here and if you want to find out more about CSD go here.  I hope that clears things up and my thanks to Frank for pointing out the problem.

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