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Death by design


I just don’t know how to express my feelings about the recent shootings in Newtown Connecticut, but this made me angry.

Rather than six rounds, the Glock has 17 rounds in the magazine. Instead of a 12-pound trigger pull, like the traditional revolver, it has a trigger pull of slightly more than 5 pounds. That means that someone who is a mediocre shooter or a bad shooter—as many police officers who don’t practice often enough are—will suddenly become more accurate and be more effective.



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Thought for Friday

I’m a big fan of Henning Mankell (the author who created Wallander), and browsing his website I came across this…
If I were to ask the following question to somebody on the street today I doubt that anyone would know the answer: Do you know who Thomas Clarkson was? I doubt that even the more avid newspaper readers would be sure.  

Thomas Clarkson portrait

Thomas Clarkson

For the complete article go here.

For more on Thomas Clarkson go here.

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Thought for Friday


Telling lies to the young is wrong.
Proving to them that lies are true is wrong.
The young know what you mean. The young are people.
Tell them the difficulties can’t be counted,
And let them see not only what will be
But see with clarity these present times.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

I found this in Victor Papanek’s Design for the real world. Chapter 11, The neon blackboard. For the book go here.

It  seemed appropriate.

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Lennon style glasses

John Winston Ono Lennon, MBE (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)

imagine |iˈmajən|verb [ trans. ]1 form a mental image or concept of : imagine a road trip from Philadelphia to Chicago | [with clause ] I couldn’t imagine what she expected to tell them.• [often as adj. ] ( imagined) believe (something unreal or untrue) to exist or be so…

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World Aids Day

World Aids Day slinger ribbon

World Aids Day slinger ribbon

For more information:


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Made me think


Futurist cinema

What remains of the Futurist cinema

The Futurist Cinema was very popular and managed to retain its hold even after competition from the huge Paramount (Odeon) and Forum (ABC) opened which sometimes forced the Futurist into taking off-circuit films.

Not much of a future here these days. I can’t remember the films I’ve watched in the Futurist over the years, but I always loved the name. I’m sad to see it in such a bad shape. The font looks like Futura, very apt in an ironic way.


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