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A cathartic experience in the main.

A an old fashioned graphics studio

This photo (above) is a faded polaroid of my old home studio which was carefully tucked away under the stairs of our home. Nothing in the picture now remains and only the washed out image capturing the past gives life to my memories of the objects within it.

It’s been a long time since I last posted to this blog. May the 2nd 2014 in fact. The reasons are many and largely personal and of probably of little interest to most people, so I’ll spare you the details…

However, over recent months circumstances have forced me to look back over the past. Going through old photographs, personal effects and having to wade through and then part with a lot of things that have accumulated over many years, both in my own life and the lives of others close to me. Charity shops seem very happy with much of what I’ve brought into them over the months and as for the rest – those ‘things’ that had had their day – it was off to the local Waste Recycling Centre. It’s been a cathartic experience in the main, as well as a truly exhausting one.

So I’m in a reflective state at the moment, when I can find the time. All the sifting and sorting is still going on, but the end (of sorts) is in sight now.

I thought it would be interesting to look back to May 2014, when I last managed to post to this blog and get a glimpse of what was in the headlines back then. This is a very short selection of what I found…

Malaysia’s government releases a preliminary report on a missing plane, and Nigerians search for the kidnappers of hundreds of girls.

UEFA to investigate nine clubs suspected of breaching financial fair play regulations

Jeremy Paxman quit Newsnight after new BBC news boss James Harding reprimanded him for ‘disloyal’ attack on ‘smug’ corporation.


Boo Boo the bear cub is given a last-minute reprieve after officials threatened to put him down for biting 14 students and sparking fears of rabies outbreak on a campus. Two-month-old bear was part of petting zoo that visits Missouri university in May 2014.

So please bear with me (so sorry about that) as I do my best to bring this blog back to life and for those of you who have dipped in and out to check up on older posts – a big thank you. I’ve been amazed that this dormant blog has had so many views while I’ve ‘been away’ and it’s encouraging to know that blogging, in the age of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, still has a place.

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