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Only in Japan

Cat Cafe sign

Osaka, Japan – Japanese love animals, but pets are often forbidden by landlords of the tiny flats where most people dwell.

The solution: cafés where pet-less patrons pay $11 an hour to hang out in a room full of felines.Cat cafés are proliferating in Japan, serving up friendship for the lonely and curious – albeit briefly.

Inside a Cat Cafe

Inside a cat cafe

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Sorry – I just don’t get it

This arrived in my inbox the other day…

hibu – A new name for a new Yell

I am writing to inform you about an exciting change to our Group company name from Yell Group plc to hibu plc.

hibu logo

Our new global company name and brand reflects the transformation of our business and ongoing development of a range of new digital services that will help businesses succeed in the online world.

Now is it me, but ‘hibu’ doesn’t say a great deal to me. At least Yell meant something, and is that an umlaut over the ‘u’? Maybe I missing something. Can anyone out there enlighten me?

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