Jelly and Scouse in Leaf

UK Jelly Logo

I attended my second Jelly gathering yesterday. It was held in Leaf on Bold Street, Liverpool. I met a number of very talented people (Matt, Emily, Dan) and enjoyed a few hours out of our studio working, chatting and generally having a very pleasant time. Jelly is an interesting concept. This is from the UK Jelly site: Our aim – to bring home workers, freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs together in a relaxed, informal, working environment to maximise creativity and minimise the isolation that being your own boss can bring!

We discussed matters ranging from work placements in the design industry, the new iPhone, Android OS, Drupal, iPads vs MacBook air and all while working on our own laptops using the free Wi-Fi and receiving a free lunch – what’s not to like! For me it was a breath of fresh air and really good to hear the opinions of others in the creative industries.

All this brings me to Emily. A young design graduate who showed me her on-line portfolio. One piece impressed me more than any other.

Beat lettering

This is from Emily’s site.

BEAST (celebration of scouse slang + typography)

This project stemmed from a personal interest in local dialects. I wanted to explore scouse slang via the visual language of locally sourced typography.

I took photographs around Liverpool to source typography and drew up an extensive list of scouse slang with the help of some scouse friends. I wanted to contrast the informal nature of this language with the formality of dictionary-style definitions and synonymns.

I produced some large posters featuring some of my favourite scouse sayings using treated found type and an accompanying book. The book includes all the scouse colloquialisms I collated in a dictionary style, letter features and a section at the back which reveals the origins of the type featured. It is packaged in a screenprinted bag along with postcard versions of the posters.

Beast bound as a book

To see the rest of Beast use the link above.

Thank you Emily for showing me your work and thanks go to the Jelly organisers and the staff at Leaf who made us all so welcome. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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