Back after a break…

I’ve not long returned from a holiday in Lake Bled, Slovenia. More than a holiday really as I was there to attend my son’s wedding and act as back up photographer. What can I say except that it all went perfectly, thank you Primavera Bled and Inghams.

And so back to cold, wet England with a bump!

I avoided TV, radio, the internet, computers and newspapers for the entire trip. I can really recommend that if you want a true break. They say ignorance is bliss – well yes, for a while it is. So just for a time, no Olympics, no debt crisis, no foreign wars, no politicians feigning truth and no one telling me just how bad it all is or is going to be. Yes, it made quite a change… but all good things…

I was sad to read, on my return, about the death of one of my heroes, Neil Armstrong who died on August 25th. Excellent obit by Reginald Turnhill.

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

But as this blog is supposed to be somewhat design related I do have a few signs I saw in Slovenia that I noticed here and there. One or two made me smile, particularly relating to snails and pod slaps.

Vintgar sign

Must not sign
No swimming

No snails

Pod slap

Pod slap

What can I say except I want to go back…

Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia

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