Funding Sport and the Arts for 21 Years

FSA History Book Cover

I don’t usually use this blog to talk about the work our studio produces, but for this project I’m making an exception.

Gina (my partner) and I began working on this case-bound book back in September 2011 when we were asked by the Foundation for Sport and the Arts to design and produce a book celebrating their 21 year history.

FSA History Book Reflections page by Sir Tim Rice

Reflections section written by Sir Tim Rice

With privileged access to the FSA’s archive we drafted the story of the Foundation and it’s amazing work with Sports and Arts organizations and people up and down the country over the last two decades and more.

FSA History Book Timeline spead

The Timeline spread

The text pages were printed on Hello Silk, with Colorplan endpapers in Dark Grey and a dust jacket in Colorplan pale grey with a buckram finish. Silver foil blocking was added to both the dust jacket and the red leather cover itself.

FSA History Book cover foil blocking

Silver foil blocking on the Colorplan Pale Grey Buckram finished dust jacket

FSA History Book spread

A double page spread featuring Wilton’s Music Hall with pictures by Barry Hale

FSA Case bound book cover

The case-bound book cover with foil blocking

FSA History Book endpapers

Endpapers in Colorplan Dark Grey with the dust jacket and foil blocking

This project became something of a ‘Labour of Love’ for us. The limited edition book has been very well received and hopefully will be on the owners bookshelves and maybe coffee tables for many years to come.

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