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New Penguin English Library range

Penguin book covers

Just browsing in my local Waterstones and saw this display of the new Penguin English Library range. Beautiful cover designs and a refreshing change from so many ‘bestsellers’.

Penguin also have a very good little animation to advertise the range. Makes me want to buy the lot, but I don’t have the shelf space.

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John Peel’s Record Collection

John Peel Web site

I’m afraid I’ve neglected this blog of late. A combination of taking a well-earned break after a really hectic period of work, followed by another hectic period of work. I’m not complaining, far from it. This is more of an explanation of my neglecting to post regularly.

I couldn’t let this gem pass without sharing it. Although those who are fans of John Peel will already know all about it by now.

A new site has been developed with a terrific interface featuring Peel’s record collection. It covering many areas of interest for Peel fans and music aficionados everywhere.

Visit thespace for more.

The site was developed by the clever folk over at Klickhome.

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