Thought for Friday

“Not everything is design. But design is about everything. So do yourself a favor: be ready for anything.”
Michael Bierut 

I also came across this from Michael Bierut via the excellent Design Observer. It’s an extract from an article entitle, ‘I hate ITC Garamond’ and both the full article and comments make entertaining reading. I was aware of some designer’s abhorrence for Comic Sans, but this level of distaste for another typeface came as a surprise.

No ITC Garamond graphic

ITC Garamond enjoyed its apotheosis when it was adapted as the official corporate typeface of Apple Computer in 1984; adding insult to injury, the font was condensed horizontally 80%. Associated with Apple’s brilliant packaging and advertising for the next 20 years, the resulting mutation became a part of the global landscape, seeming no less impregnable and unchanging as the Soviet empire. And then, just like global communism, it just went away, replaced overnight with a sleek customized version of Myriad. 

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