The hand written letter project

Hand written letter

Hand written letter example

When did you last receive a hand written letter through the post? When did you last write a hand written letter? With all the means at our disposal thanks to technology, letter writing in the ‘traditional’ sense has all but vanished. I know the state of my handwriting is so poor that I would always use any other means at my disposal from a typewriter and more recently a computer to produce my written communications. But I have always enjoyed reading letters and postcards from the past and due to the nature of the work we have done for libraries, museums and the National Trust many examples have passed through the studio.

When I came across ‘The hand written letter project’ via swissmiss, I was intrigued. This is from their website:


The HAND.WRITTEN.LETTER.PROJECT was after a conversation about how personal a letter can be:
a fact that is currently drowning in a tide of depersonalisation, with junk mail and automated correspondence.

There is always something nice about receiving a letter, especially these days when email, text, status updates, and tweets, dominate our communication, leaving many to lose sight of the things that have been around for a while (like
ink and paper). However, it is important that they do not.

The project extends an invites leading designers and creative thinkers to write and share their thoughts in handwritten form and on their own letterhead. The finished examples can be viewed on the website.

The hand-written letter project exhibition runs from 5 – 27 August at the KK Outlet 42 Hoxton Square, London,N1

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