Buffins & Tibbles by  Richard Perez / Skinny Ships

Buffins & Tibbles by Richard Perez / Skinny Ships

I’ve been a bit serious lately and so to add a little cheer to this blog I thought I would mention Meowdoodle, but first, why would this interest me? A little background information may help…

I said I didn’t want another cat, having owned several over the years. Not because I don’t like them or have had a bad experience or anything, I just felt I wasn’t ready for another one. But due to pressure mainly from my daughter I gave in and we ended up with a rescue cat called ‘Bailey’ from the Cat’s Protection League.

Bailey the rescued cat

Bailey the rescued cat

So when I stumbled across the site Meowdoodle set up by san Francisco based designer/illustrator Richard Perez I liked what I saw.

This is from Richard’s site:

It was lunchtime. I just finished lunch and drew a doodle of my 1 year old cat, Tibbles, and wondered how other illustrators with furry companies capture their cats personality on the page (or screen). So I started Meowoodle, to collect these different feline portraits.

Loki by Chelsea Conboy

Loki by Chelsea Conboy


Richard describes himself as a graphic designer, illustrator and cat whisperer.


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