The Kindle – first impressions

Kindle packaging

Kindle packaging

Let’s get something straight from the start. I love books. Books are wonderful things and printed books will (I hope) always be around.

But here’s the problem. I have too many books, way too many. Oh, I’ve tried to get the numbers down. Many, some well-loved, have gone to charity shops, a few to friends who wanted them, but still my bookshelves at home groan under the weight. I needed a solution.

I have to hand it to Amazon, love ’em or loath ’em, they really do make it so easy to find and buy things from their site. After looking around at eReaders for while I went for the Kindle. (My bookshelves gave an audible sigh of relief).

I liked the bar code design, nice touch

I liked the bar code design, nice touch

The box arrived via courier and after zipping it open (literally), the contents revealed instructions, the Kindle and cable.

Simple start-up guide

Simple start-up guide

I plugged the device in and as if by magic, after the second or two it took to boot-up, there was my personal welcome message. The Kindle had already been set up with my account. I told you these guys were good at selling you stuff. No manuals, no complex interface. A few minutes after booting up you can download your first book and when you do it only takes a moment.

The Kindle

The Kindle

OK the Kindle is no iPad in looks department but it is functional and appears robust. The screen has no reflections and the type clear. They really have made an effort to create a paper-like appearance and the font is very legible.

Kindle in the Dura Gadget case

Kindle in the Dura Gadget case

If first impressions count, it looks as though the Kindle and I are going to get on fine. I’ll let you know.



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2 responses to “The Kindle – first impressions

  1. Hmmm, I do want one but the problem is I do love my books and I’ve just got back into comic books after reading ‘Scott Pilgrim’ the black ink was beautiful and thick, the paper so rough. I’ve been so inspired I’m writing and illustrating again and looking at possibly producing a web based comic book which has always been a thing I’ve fancied, I’m not sure the Kindle would have given me that same feeling … still its my birthday in a few months … Kindle or new lenses for my camera … complex question

    • Difficult choice. I love books myself, but I really do have far too many and the space in our house is finite so something had to give. I’ve always liked comic books and the Kindle is not the right device to read them on. But so far I’m enjoying the Kindle and find reading books with the device is quite pleasant. Printed type on paper is unlikely to be replaced any time soon. Moveable type is the greatest of inventions and by comparison the internet has a long way to go.

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