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Work for free flowchart

Work for free flowchart

Internships, or can working for free ever be a good thing?

Recently, over on David’s blog, Alix (guest blogger) raised the interesting subject of unpaid internships in the design industry. This excellent post produced a number of comments, among them one from David Airey who covered the subject in his own blog. His experience was a good one and I urge you read his post.

It’s the trade-off between the experience gained and the amount of their time (and talent) the intern gives that makes this subject such a difficult one.

Perhaps the design industry as whole should take the subject of unpaid internships more seriously.  The agreement between the design firm and the student works fine when the both parties treat each other with respect and behave professionally. But there’s another issue. With rising student debt levels and the lack of suitable jobs to help students supplement their income while working for free in a design agency, are we as an industry satisfied that only the more affluent students will be able to take up any places on offer?

A brilliant and amusing flowchart over on Swissmiss by Jessica Hische gives some valuable guidance to anyone considering an internship.

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