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I think I’ve discovered the secret of life – you just hang around until you get used to it.
Sally Brown, Peanuts.

Sally Brown

Sally Brown


Charles Monroe Schulz (November 26, 1922 – February 12, 2000) was an American cartoonist. His wonderful comic strip Peanuts proved one of the most popular and influential in the history of the medium. Still reprinted today it remains a benchmark in cartooning.

Charles Schultz

Charles Schultz

I’ve been a huge fan of the Peanuts characters since picking up the Coronet paperback reprints of the daily strips back in the late 1960s. The world of Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally, Lucy, Woodstock and of course Snoopy was and remains today a wonderful place full of warm humour and sardonic wit.

For the love of Peanuts

For the love of Peanuts

Schultz’s skilled drawing fascinated me. Brilliantly simple lines and yet so full of character and expression.

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