Machine mind(er)?

iMac desktop computer

iMac desktop computer

“… on the other hand, the introduction of mechanical methods into small workshops has an immediate effect on the workmen. Inevitably they tend to take more interest in the machine and less in the work…”

From An essay on typography by Eric Gill, 1936.

I read this passage a few days ago and I felt it to be a pertinent reminder that the ‘work’ has to come first. It’s all too easy to allow the machine to help you make shortcuts when you know damn well there’s a better solution to be had. Sometimes a designer has to pull back from the technology (brilliant though it has become) and concentrate on the work itself. Before it’s too late.

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  1. Paul Kelly

    I sometimes wonder if certain designers believe that the machine can generate ideas too. How sad I feel, give me the craft of designing any day

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