Prophetic words by Eric Gill

Dust jacket

The red dust jacket

Interior page

The chapter on typography showing the paragraph marks

Interior page showing the alphabet

Pages showing Caslon Old Face and Monotype Bodoni

I’m currently reading An essay on typography by Eric Gill. My copy is a beautiful little hardback edition. A photolithography copy of the 1936 edition. It is set in Joanna, designed by Gill in 1930 and the 1936 edition was the first use for this typeface.

The proportions of the book are very pleasing and the work itself, though somewhat dated now, remains well worth reading. One paragraph struck me as being as relevant today as it was when it was first penned by Gill.

The industrial world may be wrecked by its bad finance and the wars which bad finance foments, or, as seems less likely, a brave new world of logically organised machine production may be achieved. In either case human communications will continue, printing will still be called for, & much of this book may still be useful.
Eric Gill, 1936



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3 responses to “Prophetic words by Eric Gill

  1. Hello John. Good to hear from you. Although I’m a graphic designer I have always appreciated both sculpture and stone carving. I’ve briefly looked at your blog and when I get the time will return to look again, so keep posting. You have some lovely pieces of stone carving and lettering and I would like to see more of your work.

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