Lipsons Robotics

Lipson Robots Fury II

Lipson Robots Fury II

I have a soft spot for robots. See my previous post: Robots. So when I came across the work of David Lipson I had to give him a mention.

David Lipson makes robot sculptures from other people’s junk which he then sells successfully on Etsy. He makes them in a studio apartment in New York.
This is a quote from David’s site:. “They are made from materials old and new,” says Lipson, “and are located in places such as The Salvation Army, on the street, retail stores, construction sites, garbage dumps, recycle shops, pretty much anywhere. Materials most frequently used are steel, metal, glass, and plastics such as Bakelite. Drilling, cutting, sanding, twisting, and sometimes a hammer are the methods used when fabricating the pieces for assemblage. I use nuts and bolts to put them together. I don’t weld.”
Colgate Head

Colgate Head

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