Learn Graphic Design Fast

Learn graphic design fast ad

Learn graphic design fast advert

This came to my attention via ‘Daily Heller and it’s been bothering ever since.

The title above is from an ad for Shillington College. Shillington has colleges based in several locations in Australia, America and now here in London and Manchester.

Now please bear with me here… I began my education in design with a 2 year full-time course (known then as a pre-diploma) and followed it up with a 3 year BA Honours degree course at Liverpool. Once in a design job I continued with professional qualifications; ASTD and finally a few years later gained MSTD status – now iSTD. (International Society for Typographic Designers). After working in design for many years and establishing a design studio 15 years ago with my partner, I feel that I’m still learning and still have much to learn. I regard my profession as a ‘lifelong’ learning experience.

But, maybe I’m wrong…

This is from the Shillington College ad:

World class education needn’t take forever. It should be well planned, continually adapted to the times and presented by passionate professionals. That’s what happens at Shillington College and we have the records to prove it. Our students are taught by outstanding graphic designers and are getting top design jobs Starting with no prior experience they graduate with a professional portfolio and an in-depth knowledge of the design programs.

We offer 3 month full-time and 1 year part-time graphic design courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, Manchester and at Shillington School in New York, USA.

Boy! I must be a slow learner. To think I could have sorted it all out in 3 months flat!

What does this say about our profession? Will this ultimately devalue design? Can we apply this fast track approach to other professions? Architecture in easy steps. Idiots guide to engineering. Brain surgery for dummies… Maybe I’m just angry because I feel threatened in some way. Perhaps the students from these colleges will make good designers. Who knows…

… I think I need a strong cup of ‘instant’ coffee!

coffee cup


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