Lego – the ultimate designer toy

Lego bricks

Lego bricks. Picture Alan Chia via Wikimedia Commons

Probably my best-loved toy when I was a child. The beauty of Lego, the sheer genius of the product was that it allowed you to make whatever you wanted. OK it had it’s limitations but unlike ‘Mechano’ you needed no tools or diagrams. It was simplicity itself to click bricks together and create something. You didn’t follow a plan you just went along with your own imagination. So a big thank you to Mr Christiansen and his dad.

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (July 8, 1920 – July 13, 1995) was the son of Ole Kirk Christiansen, the founder of the Lego Group. In 1949 Godtfred Kirk Christiansen bought the patent to the Lego brick and the family started producing plastic bricks as a supplement to the wooden toys. In 1950 he became Junior Vice President of the company and in 1956, he was appointed Managing Director. When his father died in 1958, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen became the manager of the company and bought out his three brothers in 1960 to become sole proprietor of Lego Group. His son, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, took over as president and CEO of the Lego Group in 1979. (From Wikipedia).



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2 responses to “Lego – the ultimate designer toy

  1. I went to Legoland for the first time aged 25 and had the best time ever!

    I suppose the big thing for me was building huge pirate ships and space crafts and going and just doing crazy stuff that looked like nothing but filling in the gaps with your imagination. Lego wasn’t the best thing of my childhood, it should be the best thing of everyones childhood!

    However, I am disappointed by things like Lego Star Wars, they have taken away some of the mystery of making your own TIE Fighters, still Lego is moving with the times …

  2. I agree – modern Lego panders far too much to brands, but that’s business. A great shame none the less.

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