Whatever happened to… Microsoft Bob

Microsoft Bob study area

Microsoft Bob showing the study area

Released in March 1995, Microsoft Bob was designed as a nontechnical interface for desktop computing. It was also one of Microsoft’s more notable failures.

This is from Wikipedia: The main interface is portrayed as the inside of a house, with different rooms to correspond to common real-world room styles such as kitchen and family room. Each room can contain decorations and furniture, as well as icons that represent applications. Bob offers the user the option of fully customizing the entire house. The user has full control over decorating each room, and can add, remove, or reposition all objects. The user can also add or remove rooms from the house and change the destinations of each door. There is also a feature in which Bob offers multiple themes for room designs and decorations, such as contemporary and postmodern.

Poor Bob received 7th place in PC Word Magazine’s list of the 25 worst products of all time.

Back in those days we had a Gateway Computer with Bob factory installed – my kids loved it!

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