‘Odd Stuff’ 1: Football Safety Zone?

Football sign

I'm just not sure why?

I know it’s the World Cup – who doesn’t, but I found this strange. I just walked around the corner from our studio on my way to a site visit in the town centre and came across this sign. We are currently looking at some window signage for a client and I had my camera with me so that I could capture some reference shots of the windows. Apparently, I’m now in a ‘football safety zone’. I’ve no idea what it means or who placed the signs there, but I feel so much safer now, or do I? I’m placing this one in a whole new category ‘Odd Stuff’.


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2 responses to “‘Odd Stuff’ 1: Football Safety Zone?

  1. Does it perhaps mean that the footballs used in this area have a soft spongy outer that will cushion you on impact? Or should you trip over a footballer will come along and help you up. I’d write to Liverpool City Council and demand some further information

  2. I really am puzzled – perhaps someone reading this blog will be able to enlighten me…

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