Domain name transfer blues

It was time for a change. Our studio website: Taylor Simons Design, had been with the same host for years. No problems with them, but a general remoteness and a lack of control from our point of view. So, for sound business reasons we needed to change our web host. So far, so good.

We let our existing supplier know that we wanted to move our site and domain and gave the new hosts the details they needed. All straightforward enough.

Changing the ‘nameservers’ has become the problem. We are waiting for this to take place and in the meantime our old hosts have taken down our site. So while we wait, we have no website. We’ve sent out an email to all our clients, so at least they know we still exist, but it still gives you an uneasy feeling.  Considering the speed of systems these days I’m unsure why this sort of thing takes so long? But I’m sure there are people out there with more IT savvy than me could give me a list of reasons. In the meantime we simply wait.

Hopefully we’ll be up and running again soon…


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3 responses to “Domain name transfer blues

  1. Paul

    Perhaps consider this a blessing in disguise, website down, opportunity to chat to clients both old and new. I like to think every negative has the opportunity for a positive outcome 🙂

  2. Paul

    By the way what a great telephone on the wall in that photograph

  3. Yes, it’s our ancient telephone entry system linked to the front door. We even get to buzz people in using a button just beneath the handset. All the elctronics are beneath a old brass name plate next to the front door. That’s Rodney Street for you. Even the telephone entry system is a heritage item.

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