Nerdy stuff No.1: Sony Mavica MVC-FD71

sony mavica pic

My old Sony Mavica

In my blog entry on floppy disks 29 April, I mentioned my old Sony Mavica floppy disc camera. It’s been a while since I last made any use of it, but I just wondered if it was still working after all this time. After rummaging around at home I unearthed the Mavica in a desk drawer. I even located the original charger unit after a little more searching.

Sony launched the first Mavica model back in Thatcher era during August 1981. By the time I bought my own model in 1998, Tony Blair was in number ten. (That’s my nod to the current new coalition government situation that we are now about to live through).

At the time, being able to take a photograph, remove the disk from the camera and slip it into my computer’s disk drive and have an image open in photoshop in seconds was akin to sorcery. Sony adopted the floppy disk because their own market research showed that although many people were uncomfortable with advanced technology they felt more at home with the floppy disk.

After charging the battery I shot this picture of the Canon G5. It’s perfect for internet blog shots so my old Mavica could make a come-back yet!

pic of canon g5

My Canon G5. The Mavica's replacement for general photography

…and a couple of pictures taken in our studio with the Mavica…


A few of our many books

Office picture

A quick shot of part of our studio



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