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Domain name transfer blues

It was time for a change. Our studio website: Taylor Simons Design, had been with the same host for years. No problems with them, but a general remoteness and a lack of control from our point of view. So, for sound business reasons we needed to change our web host. So far, so good.

We let our existing supplier know that we wanted to move our site and domain and gave the new hosts the details they needed. All straightforward enough.

Changing the ‘nameservers’ has become the problem. We are waiting for this to take place and in the meantime our old hosts have taken down our site. So while we wait, we have no website. We’ve sent out an email to all our clients, so at least they know we still exist, but it still gives you an uneasy feeling.  Considering the speed of systems these days I’m unsure why this sort of thing takes so long? But I’m sure there are people out there with more IT savvy than me could give me a list of reasons. In the meantime we simply wait.

Hopefully we’ll be up and running again soon…


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Frank Frazetta (February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010)

Conan painting

Conan cover painting by Frank Frazetta

I found out the other day that Frank Frazetta had died… for those of us who appreciate fantasy artwork his passing cannot go without comment.
Frank Frazetta was an American fantasy and science fiction artist, noted for his comic books, paperback covers, paintings, posters and record album sleeves. He was born in Brooklyn on Feb 9, 1928 and studied painting from an early age. Natural talent and hard work eventually earned him recognition and in the fantasy field it could be said he was the best in his day.
Most famous for paintings of muscular warriors, scantily clad heroines and monstrous beasts, Frazetta also painted many film posters and album covers.
More recently one of Frazetta’s original paintings for Robert E. Howard’s “Conan the Conqueror” sold for $1 million.
Back in the 1970s I picked up this imported copy of Conan from a local shop and was struck by the powerful cover painting by Frazetta. Upon hearing of his death I dug it out to take a look and it brought back many memories.
For those interested in seeing more:
Conan cover 1977

My old Conan paperback

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Nerdy stuff No.1: Sony Mavica MVC-FD71

sony mavica pic

My old Sony Mavica

In my blog entry on floppy disks 29 April, I mentioned my old Sony Mavica floppy disc camera. It’s been a while since I last made any use of it, but I just wondered if it was still working after all this time. After rummaging around at home I unearthed the Mavica in a desk drawer. I even located the original charger unit after a little more searching.

Sony launched the first Mavica model back in Thatcher era during August 1981. By the time I bought my own model in 1998, Tony Blair was in number ten. (That’s my nod to the current new coalition government situation that we are now about to live through).

At the time, being able to take a photograph, remove the disk from the camera and slip it into my computer’s disk drive and have an image open in photoshop in seconds was akin to sorcery. Sony adopted the floppy disk because their own market research showed that although many people were uncomfortable with advanced technology they felt more at home with the floppy disk.

After charging the battery I shot this picture of the Canon G5. It’s perfect for internet blog shots so my old Mavica could make a come-back yet!

pic of canon g5

My Canon G5. The Mavica's replacement for general photography

…and a couple of pictures taken in our studio with the Mavica…


A few of our many books

Office picture

A quick shot of part of our studio


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One of the many Robots from the Bennett Robotworks

I just couldn’t resist this. You see, I have a thing about robots, real or imaginary. It must be seeing those old Sci-Fi movies. But the robot models from the Bennett Robotworks are truly wonderful if you’re like me – or if you simply want a break from politics just now.


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Street Typography 2

Street typography

Another example of urban typography

Walking along Berry Street, near China Town I found this example of ‘street typography’ – and it looks like it’s been done by the same person/people as the first one. See my previous post.

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