Sony to stop making floppy disks

Floppy disks found in a drawer but no longer in use

Floppy disks found in a drawer but no longer in use

Although still used as an icon on many computer programs the death of the floppy moves a little closer – or does it?

After 3 decades of manufacture Sony has said they intend to stop making them. As each year goes by more and more computers are made without floppy drives and the 1.44 megabyte of space offered by the 3.5 inch plastic storage medium feels really meagre nowadays.

First the CD and DVD but more recently the pen drive have truly made the old storage medium look very poor in comparison.

Having said that Verbatim says it stills sells hundreds of thousands of them a month! So who is buying them?

I have a small supply of floppies for the one machine that still can make use of them and I own a Sony Mavica floppy disk camera that I love. I have to confess that I really liked them. They were robust, handy, mounted easy and very rarely corrupted. They came in a variety of colours and you could label them clearly (something you can’t do with some of the tiny pen drives). They also forced you to think about the way you backed up your data. You had to be pretty organised back in the days before 1 Tetratbyte drive.

So the floppy disk is dead, we will see…


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