IE6 No more – sooner the better!

Internet explorer logotype

Even Microsoft would like to see the end of IE6

As a graphic designer who also builds web sites when I saw the story below on the BBC news web site I took notice. Only the other day I was having problems with IE6 and its’ inability to handle some of the more advanced features that can be built into a site these days. I’ve signed the petition and I urge anyone who wants a better and safer web experience to do the same.
From the BBC newspage:
A Downing Street petition is calling for the UK government to drop Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) and move to a more modern browser.
The petition says that IE6 has security flaws and uses outdated technology, creating a burden for developers.
The petition comes as the Department of Health advised the NHS to move away from the old browser.
Other government departments – and many firms – still use the software, which was first released in 2001.
“Most creative and software development companies are forced by government department clients to build websites for IE6 when most of the industry has moved on,” the petition reads.
“Upgrading would be a massive task for government, but if the public is encouraged to lead the way and the government follows, that would create the momentum needed.”
The petition, set up by Dan Frydman of web firm Inigo, currently has over 300 signatures.
A campaign in the US, called ie6nomore, is supported by more than 70 web firms and claims the software is “holding the web back”.

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