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Goodbye Borders


Administration notice

Administration notice

I cannot let the passing of Borders go without comment. I enjoy books and book shops and the news that Borders had gone into administration was a very sad indeed. The Borders book shop I go to was a wonderful place to browse for books. Comfy chairs amidst the books and the ever-present smell of coffee from the Starbucks bar gave the place a great feeling. I am sorry for the staff, who were always both helpful and knowledgeable.

Amazon will get the blame, but it’s our choice in the end. If you’re like me and enjoy book shops as well as books then we had better make use of them before it’s too late!


Borders shop

Another high street name that I shall miss...

Goodbye Borders… gone but not forgotten.



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Go Penguins

Penguin statues

'Splashy' and 'Around The World in Many Ways'

The Penguins have arrived…  Around the corner from our Rodney Street studio in Hope Street two large penguins have magically appeared overnight. Across Liverpool City Centre many more have also arrived. Each one has a name and a painted theme and they are adding a splash of colour and a bit of fun to the winter streets here in Liverpool.

Splashy penguin statue

Splashy. A colourful addition to Hope street.

To see more of them go to:

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