Thought for Friday

Is this little thing the next BIG thing?

raspberry pi

This tiny little ‘device’ is the Rasberry pi… a very small, very cheap basic computer. Response to the launch has been huge and it will be interesting to see where this little baby goes. I for one will be watching.

This is from Wikipedia:
In 2006, early concepts of the Raspberry Pi were based on the Atmel ATmega644 microcontroller. Its schematics and PCB layout are available for public download.[14] Foundation trustee Eben Upton assembled a group of teachers, academics and computer enthusiasts to devise a computer to inspire children.[15] The first ARM prototype version of the computer was mounted in a package the same size as a USB memory stick.[16] It had a USB port on one end and a HDMI port on the other. For more go here.

Diagram of the Rasberry pi computer

For more on the Rasberry pi go here.

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2 responses to “Thought for Friday

  1. insertsuggestion

    This is something that I really want to succeed

  2. Yes, me too, although I read the other day they are having problems. Only to be expected I suppose…

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